8 examples of direct mail done right

Looking for direct mailspiration? Read on to discover 8 examples of direct mail done right.

Coming up with a concept for your direct mail campaign can be a daunting task.

Your campaign needs to get your audience talking and taking action when they discover your mailer on their doormat.

That’s why it’s always worth exploring good examples of direct mail marketing done right to spark your creativity.

Don’t worry, we’ve done the searching part for you and found 8 campaigns which we think you’ll agree are pretty inspiring.

Direct Mail Done Right No.1 –

Skoda Yeti Park Assist System

To promote their park assist technology Skoda used a very simple but effective concept to bring their campaign to life.

On the back of the mailer was a little car which could be detached and placed on the road on the flip side. The car effortlessly zips into the parking spot, all thanks to a couple of magnets. What a brilliant representation of how their park assist system works. You can watch it in action here.

Direct Mail Done Right No.2 –

Earth Hour

In a bid to encourage businesses to switch off their lights, Earth Hour sent out yellow candles in a box which represented an office block with little cut-out windows.

The notion of pulling the candle out of the box visually represented lights being switched off in the building.

Support of the ‘switch off’ campaign increased by 260% as a result of the candle in a box.

Direct Mail Done Right No.3 – 

World Water Day

To demonstrate the importance of water, the people behind World Water Day sent out a direct mail campaign that naturally involved some of the wet stuff.

The postcard had to be held under water for the message to be revealed.

A fantastic concept that cleverly tied in to the subject matter and got people talking on social media.

Direct Mail Done Right No.4 –

Kit Kat Chunky

For the launch of KitKat Chunky, Nestle played on the idea of a ‘sorry we couldn’t deliver your parcel’ calling card.

The reason the parcel couldn’t be delivered? It was too ‘Chunky’ to fit through the letterbox (brilliant) and the recipient would therefore need to collect their freebie from a local newsagent.

Nestle simply reinvented something that’s recognised and received by thousands of people every day, and of course, the added benefit of free chocolate is enough to get anyone’s attention.

Direct Mail Done Right No.5 – 

GGRP Sound

This one is incredible. Griffiths, Gibson and Ramsay Productions managed to create a functioning record player, simply out of cardboard.

The record player was shipped flat and then assembled in one simple step.

Place the record on the needle, spin it with a pencil and et voila, the record plays. This campaign is music to our ears!

Direct Mail Done Right No.6 – 


This laundry business posted a direct mail campaign, targeting young professionals who wouldn’t typically use laundry services.

The box unfolded to resemble a white t-shirt and included a squishy tomato, designed to be splatted at the t-shirt.

The tomato then reformed its shape leaving the t-shirt as good as new, just like LavOnline’s laundry service. This fun concept saw 32% of their target audience signing up online.

Direct Mail Done Right No.7 – 

Planet Kids

Planet Kids, a playschool chain created hand puppet invites for their Annual Day celebrations.

The puppet was given to the kids at the playschool to pass on to their parents and with a design this fun, their was no worry that they wouldn’t want to pass on their puppet post.

Direct Mail Done Right No.8 – 

ADT Security System: Box

This idea is a little frightening for the recipient – perhaps not one we’d be recommending any time soon but one that gets noticed on the doormat for sure.

This company developed a flat package that could be slipped under the door of residents living in an apartment block, only for it to pop up into a fully-fledged box.

Why, you ask? Well, the recipient will come across a large box sitting on their floor along with the message, “Breaking into your apartment is easier than you think.”

Scary stuff, right? The advert was in fact for a security system, so albeit a fright for the resident, it sure will have caught people’s attention.

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