3 reasons why you shouldn’t ignore mail marketing

It’s been said in the past that mail marketing is dead but in a GDPR world it’s more alive than ever.

We truly believe mail marketing is an awesome way to reach customers and prospects alike.

And we think you’ll agree after reading our 3 reasons not to ignore mail marketing.

Reason 1. Don’t underestimate the power of unaddressed mail

Since GDPR came into play earlier this year, door drops have become increasing popular. This marketing method has an important role to play in a predominantly digital world. Why you ask? Door drop marketing is compliant with GDPR.

Because door drops are targeted at groups of households rather than individuals it remains a compliant marketing method. All of the data and segmentation used for targeting door drops is anonymised, does not contain personal data and is therefore 100% compliant.

Reason 2. It’s legitimate

Another crucial reason why you should use mail after GDPR is that in most cases you can use legitimate interest as the purpose behind contacting people and don’t have to rely on having consent to do so.

If you’re not au fait with the ins and outs of GDPR, here it is in a nutshell. For any marketing communication you now have to meet one of the 6 legal bases in order to legally process customer data.

Whilst GDPR legislation may seem daunting, the use of mail can be a real door opener if you can meet the conditions for legitimate interest, which most businesses can for mail marketing.

At RNB all our staff are fully skilled in the nuances of GDPR and will be more than happy to help advise further on how to make sure your campaign is fully compliant.

If you want to know more about GDPR and mail marketing, check out this article.

Reason 3. mail that’s not boring

When you’re considering a direct mail campaign don’t just feel your limited to sending out a standard letter or A5 postcard. There’s so much more that can be done with it to make an impact.

You can do some really cool stuff with mail marketing.

Just take a look at our latest mailer in the video below.

It can be folded any which way, has plenty of space to get your message across and best of all it can be sent out in a standard envelope at no additional cost. Plus, the endless unfolding is addictive and memorable!


Why not take a look at some of the amazing examples pinned to our direct mail-spiration Pinterest Board too.

Direct Mail Inspiration

And for even more inspiration check out our 8 examples of direct mail done right.

But don’t just take out word for it.

The figures speak for themselves….

The power of direct mail

Talk to the specialists.

We specialise in all areas of marketing fulfilment. Our approach is simple yet intelligent.

We identify what our customers’ need and work to achieve their goals.

Contact us today to see how we can help.

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