Why are advertising leaflets so effective?

Have you ever wondered how effective a promotional leaflet could be for your business? Despite us very much being in a digital era, detailing your product or service in a leaflet is in fact still a very effective method of marketing and an ideal way to help grow your business. A leaflet can send your potential customers the right message about your brand. Paired with clever targeting, you can really drive your message home to the most appropriate area or demographic. We’ve listed out the benefits of producing a leaflet for your business and trust us, there’s plenty of them!

It’s tried and tested

Direct mail marketing has stood the test of time. Here’s an interesting fact for you, the earliest example of direct mail marketing took place in Egypt as far back as 1000 B.C! A landowner advertised on a piece of papyrus offering a reward of gold for one of his runaway slaves.

Cost effective

Post your leaflets and you can find new customers for as little as a few pence per household. Produce a leaflet to showcase your services and so long as it doesn’t contain time sensitive information, you can send it out time and time again.


Targeting your leaflet to a specific area or demographic is going to get you the best results. The more targeted you can get with it, the better. You may be a new business trying to promote your services, a restaurant sharing a new menu or you might be advertising beauty treatments or a new shop. Whatever your business, a leaflet provides the perfect vehicle to distribute your product or services to the audience of your choosing.

Digital vs direct

By nature, digital marketing needs constant maintenance to adapt to the latest trends, meaning it does take time, energy and resource. A promotional leaflet on the other hand can be turned around quickly. Produce a leaflet with a long shelf life and you can have it on standby, ready to send out as you wish.


A leaflets versatility means it can be distributed in multiple ways. Leaflets can be used to benefit every form of marketing. From meetings and events, to business seminars and office lobbies; brochures can add value wherever they are and however they’re used.


A high quality, professional and appealing leaflet through the door won’t end up in the bin but rather a drawer for future reference. Get it right and the recipient will, with any luck, keep the leaflet or pass it on to a friend or family member who may be in need of your service. There’s still something so appealing about receiving post and having a physical leaflet to hold and keep. It’s something you just don’t get with digital marketing. Take a look at these 6 reasons why mail marketing rocks.


Don’t think that you can’t measure the impact of a leaflet. Admittedly it’s harder to track in comparison to digital elements of a campaign, but it can be done and can give you a good indication of performance. Here’s some of the ways you can do it:
  • When a customer contacts you, ask them how they heard about you, whether that’s through a leaflet, word-of-mouth or other means
  • If you’ve included an exclusive voucher or discount code, you should be able to monitor its use instore or online
  • Include a link or QR code to a custom landing page – this way you can track traffic to that page
  • Ask people to follow your business page on social media or direct them to sign up for regular news updates via all contact platforms – letters, phone, SMS text, email etc.


A leaflet can come in all shapes and sizes, allowing you to determine the breadth of information you’d like to include. You’re not restricted by character limits and word counts.

Ready to print your leaflets? 

Here at RNB Group, we’ll not only print your professional business leaflets but we can also oversee the mailing and distribution to your chosen audience.  For more information or to enquire about leaflet printing and distribution services please do get in touch. We’d love to hear from you! Contact us 
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