Reach new customers with Partially Addressed Mail

Have you heard about Partially Addressed Mail?

It’s a service we offer here at RNB that bridges the gap between a full blown direct mail campaign and a door drop mailer.

Partially Addressed Mail is a highly targeted and responsible way to reach potential customers, without requiring their personal data. Instead, it uses data sources like geo-demographics to identify postcodes and households with potential prospects.

It works by sending mailings to groups of relevant households instead of individual prospects. You can ‘top up’ postcodes in areas where you already have existing customers, or find postcodes with similar potential customers.

Although an occupants name won’t be printed on the mailer you can opt for engaging titles to reflect the message of your advert or promotion. How about Pizza Lover, Shoppaholic or Keen golfer.. You get our drift!

How does Partially Addressed Mail work?

Partially Addressed Mail allows you to target small groups of around 15 households at full postcode level by matching your existing customer data against the Postcode Address File or PAF for short.

This data is cross referenced against your existing customer base so you won’t be wasting any budget sending them unnecessary acquisition communications.

There are two targeting methods you can use here, ‘topping up’ and ‘lookalikes’, or both work well in combination.

You can ‘top up’ postcodes that are already rich in existing customers, by targeting new potential customers in the same postcode area.

The other option is to find ‘lookalike’ postcodes by using geo-demographic targeting software to find new postcodes that are similar to the ones you already have.

Combining both methods will give you great coverage of potential customers, helping to make your campaign successful.

Why choose Partially Addressed Mail?

Partially Addressed Mail is an effective addition to the mix to help hit your acquisition targets – especially in a GDPR world. But don’t just take our word for it, the results speak for themselves….

It’s highly targeted

Partially Addressed Mail is precise, targeting small groups of around 15 households in a postcode.

It drives commercial action

26% of Partially Addressed Mail items drive commercial actions – like purchasing or going online*.

It’s kept and is revisited

Partially Addressed Mail items are revisited up to 4 times on average*.
Partially Addressed Mail items stay in the home for a week on average*.

It’s highly engaging

88% of Partially Addressed Mail is read, filed, opened or set aside for later*.
For every 100 items of Partially Addressed Mail, 9 are passed on and shared*.
Partially Addressed Mail engages people at all life-stages, from millennials to retirees~.


* JICMAIL Q2 2017 – Q1 2019.
~ JICMAIL TGI Fusion July 2017 – June 2018.


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