Our Intellipen eSign product allows businesses to send documentation to their customers for signature.


Our Intellipen eSign product allows businesses to send documentation to their customers for signature.  The ‘fluid ink’ style of our signature engine removes any pixilation usually associated with this type of signature generation method.  Intellipen is built on top of a fully white-labelable platform so the core functionality exists for us to then customise to the requirements of the customer.  An online dashboard presents information in real-time that shows all eSigns sent, with statuses flagged as “signed”, “unsigned”, “chased” etc.

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Businesses use Intellipen in different ways, here are some examples:

Claims Management

A Claims company can use Intellipen in real-time.  Whilst their call centre staff are on the phone with the client, they can send the client a text message or email (99% use text message) with a link to take the client to a page to view and sign their documentation.  The signed documents are then emailed to the client for confirmation and uploaded to the Claims company, either to SFTP or directly injected into their CRM via API.

Property Development

A large house builder/commercial letting company uses Intellipen to replace their old NCR sets method of handing over keys to home owners and business tenants.  They used to have their field agents complete the paperwork with the customer by hand, writing all details onto the NCR set and giving the customer the yellow copy for their records and sending the white copy to head office for someone to data capture into their CRM system.  With Intellipen, the field agent uses a tablet PC to pull information from their CRM into the Intellipen dashboard, complete any further information with the customer and asks them to sign on the tablet screen to then hand over the keys to the property.  The data and signed paperwork is pushed directly back to the CRM via API over wifi/4G.

 This has cut out significant processing time and saved on printed NCR sets no longer being required.

Pension Reviews

A pension review company speaks with clients throughout the day and then uploads a csv file with client data to Intellipen.  Intellipen pushes a text message to each client at a fixed time (or immediately depending on what the customer’s preference is) and the client follows the link to sign the paperwork.

Lapsed Chasers

A solicitor working some Plevin PPI cases uses Intellipen to contact the backbooks of Claims Management companies for all customers who would be eligible for Plevin or have ‘lapsed’ previously (never signed the paperwork originally sent to them).  The company bulk uploads a csv file of 250,000 records to Intellipen in order to contact all potential clients quickly and gain immediate signing of their documentation to proceed with the Plevin case.  The text messages are staggered at 10,000 sent every hour 9am to 1pm each day until all the data has been sent in order to spread out the solicitor’s workload.