Data Processing & Doc Setup

Our data processing team have many years of experience in setting up ad-hoc mailing work as well as complex automated solutions for regular mail production.

Data Processing & Document Setup

Data rocessing

We can cleanse your data, removing deceased and goneaway records, correctly case and generate contact and salutation fields as well as mailsorting to achieve the best possible postage discount.

Our data processing team work with lookup tables, cross-file matching, deduplication and can set up automation on recurring work to ensure your mailings are processed efficiently.

To get your files to us securely, we can provide an SFTP folder or API integration.

To deliver your campaign in the most efficient and cost-effective way, your data needs to be detailed, organised and focused. We can help you match your marketing mail-outs to your target audience and clean up your campaigns to ensure that you’re not breaching confidentiality.

All of our data solutions are carried out in compliance with our ISO27001 accreditation. We offer a free health check for every single customer meaning that any potential suppressions are flagged, vulgarities and duplicates removed, and data can even be screened for opt-out services too. Give us a call on 0113 210 0055 to find out more.

By creating clean, personalised data files, you can ensure that your direct mail materials are landing in the right letterbox – helping to maintain your reputation and improve conversion rates and ROI. 

Data Health Checks

Our health check reports on the quality of your data, allowing you to make decisions on deceased, goneaway and house movers by removing or updating those records.  Our health check report is produced free of charge, so please do not hesitate to ask us to take a look at the quality of your data today. 

Data Cleansing

By checking your data against the latest deceased, gone away and house mover files, we ensure your mail will arrive with the intended recipient.  If the customer is deceased or gone away, we can remove them, saving you from incurring the cost of print, postage and fulfilment for that record if done prior to ordering all items for your campaign.

We can also check against MPS, TPS and other data lists, including any stop lists you choose to provide. 

Correctly Casing

We can transform your data fields, performing calculations and applying formatting such as number, currency, date/time, concatenation and string manipulation. Correctly casing your data gives it a professional look and corrects any potential errors in the formatting of surnames. We’ll get your data looking it’s best, ready for the personalisation and printing process. 

Document Setup

When it comes to getting your mailing items ready for print, our highly skilled team can set your letters from scratch or work with a supplied template to overlay text and data fields.

From simple A4 letters to complex multiple option variable pages, lookup lists and variable image work, our team of experts have all the tools to get the job done.  We can work with Word documents, InDesign files, PDFs and more to generate your letters, postcards, one-piece mailers and other mailing items.