9 charity ad mail myths busted

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JICMAIL (the Joint Industry Committee for Mail) are an independent body delivering industry-standard audience measurement data for advertising mail and door drops.

They provide the same metrics for mail that are available for other channels, making mail measurable.

So when we found out they were holding a myth busting webinar on charity ad mail, it was a no brainer, we had to listen in.

The webinar touched on various misconceptions like, “no one looks at mail” and “young people don’t engage with mail”.

Their insights might make you think twice about your plans for your future charity mail campaigns.

Read on to discover our key takeaways from the webinar.

We’ve also included the video recording of the full webinar below if you’d liked to give it a watch yourself.

Our charity ad mail myth busting webinar takeaways

charity ad mail myth buster number 1

Record levels of interaction during lockdown

Charity mail has received record levels of interaction during lockdown.

Charities came in top position for response ranking in Q2 of this year with charity mail achieving a 9% response rate.

charity ad mail myths takeaway 2

Charity mail is seen by more people

The average piece of charity mail is seen by 1.1 people.

So if you were to send 1 million addressed mail items, 1.1 million people would actually see it. 

charity ad mail myths takeaway 3

Charity mail is opened and read

79% of charity direct mail is opened and 72% of that mail is read.

Charity ad mail myths - takeaway 4

Charity mail engages

95% of Charity Direct mail is engaged with (not immediately discarded), with 12% of recipients donating.

Charity ad mail myths - takeaway 5

Volunteers and donors are more engaged

Volunteers and donors engage more with charity mail – the top 20% of people who engage with mail are more likely to give both time and money frequently to charity.

Charity ad mail myths - takeaway 6

Young people DO engage with charity mail

24% of recipients aged 17-34 discuss the mail they receive – they are 185% more likely to do so than the average.

Charity Ad Mail Myths - takeaway 7

Mail boosts other channels

Mail builds and supports recall of digital and traditional media charity campaigns. TV, radio, digital, website…brands become memorable when they pair these activities with mail.

Give the webinar a watch

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