Good news! Tabbed mailers are now an accepted format for Mailmark

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We’ve just received word from Royal Mail that they’ve made improvements to their Mailmark letter specifications and can now accept tab sealed mailers with no wrapping needed.

At RNB we have the facilities to produce this format of mailer which can now be Mailmarked.

Here’s how it works…

Our tabbing machine puts a 15mm circular disc (with a perforation down the middle) over the edge of a mailer.

So if you imagine a postcard that’s printed A4, then folded to A5 and sealed shut on one edge with one perforated tab.

When Mailmark was first introduced as a postage discount, Royal Mail originally excluded tabbed mailers from the discount as it could get caught in their machines due to the edges not being fully sealed.

Thankfully this is no longer an issue so we can now offer our customers Mailmarked tabbed mailers as an option.

The benefits of a tabbed one piece mailer

Tabbed mailers offer various benefits when it comes to marketing a new product or service, promoting an offer or inviting customers to an instore event to name just a few uses.

A tabbed mailer provides a more impactful mail pack for your audience, there’s something very appealing about opening a perforated tabbed mailer to reveal its contents inside.

Use this format to create feature mailers to market your products or services, through a mail pack which can be opened quickly and easily by your customers and prospects.

This format cries out for engagement from the minute it lands on the door mat. It’s hard for anyone to resist opening something that’s perforated.

You can find details of the technical specification from Royal Mail right here.

Try a tabbed mailer today

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