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We’re here to help Housing Associations with their newsletters, housing post, rent statements, marketing, daily mailings and reports.

Here’s how we do just that…

We deliver value

We understand the challenges faced every day by housing providers. We have the knowledge and experience to make your roles that bit easier when it comes to keeping in touch with your tenants.

All our services are produced on site to give you the best opportunity to stay within budget for your tenant communications.

We keep it simple

If you want to engage through print and direct mail, our experts will handle your campaigns efficiently and competitively, leaving you to concentrate on other areas of your business.

Dedicated staff will advise on the best routes to get the most from your budget.

Our message

We believe RNB Group’s core services can help streamline how you order print and direct mailing whilst offering true value for money.

We’re here to help so please drop us a line on 0113 2100 055 if you want to chat through your project.


Newsletters are designed and printed to the highest quality. You will have 1:1 access to our creative experts who will work with you, producing a style you’re happy with and on brand.

With Litho and Digital equipment we can offer static or variable print, ensuring your tenants receive the clearest and most engaging news.

Housing Post & Mailing

Our housing post tariff will give the most competitive prices to help reduce what is often the most expensive part of any mailing – the postage.

Did you know that higher postage discounts can be achieved by enclosing into an outer envelope compared to polywrapping?

We can audit your postage prices for you.

Rent Statements

Our rent statements can be individually personalised to offer a unique, highly personalised document, helping tenants who are in arrears with a call to action or thanking those who are up-to-date.

Why not combine your newsletter and rent statement mailings to immediately reduce production and postage costs?


Increase communication with tenants and get your message across using multi-channel marketing.

We can supply on-line versions for all your tenant communications ensuring your messages are delivered across all platforms and in the preferred way.

Daily Mailings & Operational Post

If you have a requirement for daily or regular mailings and send these using a franking machine, we can save you money.

Producing a mailing internally is very expensive when you factor click changes, ink consumables, rentals, labour and franking rates.

Let us handle your operational post whether it’s to confirm appointments, book a repair or any other message.

Online Annual Reports

We can design and build your online annual report, created and completed in under 2 weeks with prices starting from just £1,500.

For more of the print and mail work we help Housing Associations with, take a look at this article.

Get in touch

Our experienced team are on hand to help find the best, lowest cost solution for you. Give us a call on 0113 2100 055 or complete our contact from below and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible.