Utilities mail is highly engaged with in 2020

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Latest research by JICMAIL has revealed that volumes of mail sent by the utilities sector were down overall in Q2 2020. Emails containing information about products and services took the biggest hit.

We think you’ll agree, this comes as no surprise given the challenging year we’ve all had.

But despite there being less mail sent, utilities mail was highly engaged with during this period.

We’ve compiled the stand out stats from JICMail’s report below, in what we like to call our #LockdownLowdown.

So without further ado…

Here’s how utilities mail has performed in Q2 2020

Utilities mail is seen by more people

Utilities mail is seen by more people

With more people staying at home, the frequency of interaction with utilities mail increased by 10% YoY.

On average, the utilities sector mail was interacted with 4.6 times and reached 16% more people in the household.

Utilities mail engagement high

Engagement with utilities mail is at an all time high

 The mail actions indicate that mail is highly engaged with: 99% of utilities mailings are engaged with in Q2 2020 – the highest level of engagement since Q2 2018

Utilities mail stays in the home

Utilities mail stays on the home

Mail items stay active in the home for 9.1 days (up 18% YoY) and 65% of utilities mailings are kept for more than 28 days in Q2 2020.

Utilities mail drives interaction

Utilities mail is opened, read and filed for reference

Physical actions such as opening (86%), reading (74%) and filing for reference or records (41%) all increased for all utilities mailings YoY.

Utilities mail drives commercial action

Utilities mail drives commercial action

Almost 2 in 5 (41%) of utilities mail items resulted in a commercial action – 13% increase YoY.

The most frequent actions in Q2 2020 were: going online (222 per 1,000 mailings) and discussions (170 per 1,000 items)

Utilities mail has the nudge factor

Utilities mail has the nudge factor

The highest increase for commercial actions was for online behaviours 35% YoY – proving how strongly utilities mail drove people online.

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