Stop franking, start saving

If you are franking your mail, you are paying too much. By outsourcing to us, you can save money on fulfilment and postage of your mail packs.

Scale up or down with ease

If you suffer from spikes or drop-offs in demand, it’s hard to gauge staff levels and equipment requirements. You’ll be paying for mailroom staff, paper, envelopes, franking machine lease, consumables and printer leases and click charges.

By outsourcing to us, you only pay for the items you post – there’s no monthly service charges, equipment costs or holiday and sick cover to worry about. We can handle spikes in demand with ease, which means your operation continues to run smoothly, and if you have a drop off in demand, you don’t have the hassle of HR in having to scale back on staff or terminate leases on equipment.

The same applies to our inbound mail solution, meaning your complete operation runs smoothly no matter what your current volume of work is.

Typical Mail Packs

We’re used to producing cover letters, Letters of Authority (LOAs), Terms and Conditions and ombudsman forms to enclose with a reply envelope and mail out 1st or 2nd class. Data and/or documents can be transferred to us via SFTP or API for us to produce and mail out the same day or next day, depending on your requirements.

General Correspondence

We can set up a custom workflow for handling your general correspondence or give you access to our hybrid mail platform, Intelliprint, so you can send general letters straight away in our fully auditable and easy-to-use online portal.

Inbound Mail (Scanning)

By using our PO box on your reply envelope, your inbound mail can be delivered directly to us to open and scan. At the time of mailing out, we apply a barcode to each form to be returned (such as LOA or Terms of engagement) and our software uses that barcode to identify your client and upload it to your CRM via SFTP or API.

Outsourcing your inbound mail to us allows for full scalability and means you do not have to be concerned with the difficulties of spikes in demand or a downturn.

eSign your documents with Signaway

Your business can use Signaway, our eSign solution, in real-time. Whilst your call centre staff are on the phone with the client, they can send the client a text message or email with a link to take the client to a page to view and sign their documentation. The signed documents are then emailed to the client for confirmation and uploaded to the CMC, either via SFTP or directly injected into your CRM via API.

This means your company has captured that client’s details immediately and secured their business, without experiencing the high drop off associated with delays getting the paperwork to the client.