Here’s a bit more information on our Intelliprint service and how it can benefit the NHS.

Intelliprint replaces the need to rely on the following:

  • Mailroom Staff
  • Printer lease and click charges
  • Franking machine lease, top-ups and consumables
  • Equipment maintenance contracts

Starting from just 43p to send a 2nd class letter (including the envelope, paper, printing and postage), Intelliprint is the answer to cost-effective dispatch of your daily mail.

Additional benefits:

Scale up or down with ease

Intelliprint doesn’t have holidays, off days or illness, and it doesn’t have to deal with spikes or lulls in demand. We can handle MASSIVE volumes one day and super low volumes the next and you’ll only pay for what you use.

Keeping Track

Monitor your outgoing post with full visibility in our online dashboard. Admin users can see all account activity, including what all their users are sending. Standard users see a history of only what they have sent themselves.

Full control

Admin users can add or remove user accounts and specify whether each user can send 1st or 2nd class mail, or both.

Itemised Billing

Admin users see a full breakdown of all mail sent and have access to a billing history via the Intelliprint dashboard. You can also view the ‘current invoice period’ in real time.