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At RNB Group, we offer Partially Addressed Mail (PAM) services to bridge the gap between a full-blown direct mail campaign and a door drop mailer.

Partially Addressed Mail Services

Our PAM services are a highly targeted and responsible way to reach potential customers. There is no need for a marketing list; instead, we use data sources like geo-demographics to identify postcodes and households with potential prospects. This means that you don’t have to worry about flaunting GDPR guidelines.

Although the occupant’s name won’t be printed on the mailer, we provide the option for you to choose an engaging title that reflects the message of your advert or promotion. For instance, you could address the mailer to a ‘Pizza Lover’, ‘Shopaholic’ or ‘Keen Golfer’.

How does it work?

RNB Group can send Partially Addressed Mail on your behalf to groups of relevant households, instead of individual prospects. By matching your existing customer data against the Postcode Address File (or PAF for short), we target small groups of around 15 households at full postcode level.

We cross-check the data against your existing customer base, so you won’t be wasting any money on sending them unnecessary acquisition communications. Through the removal of existing customers or donors, we can optimise your ROI.

There are two key targeting methods for PAM:

  • Topping up – ‘Top up’ postcodes that are already rich in existing customers by targeting new potential prospects in the same postcode area.
  • Lookalikes – Find ‘lookalike’ postcodes by using geo-demographic targeting software to discover new postcodes similar to the ones you already have.

We combine both methods to give you great coverage of potential customers, boosting your campaign’s success.

Why choose us?

A Partially Addressed Mail (PAM) campaign with RNB Group could help you hit your acquisition targets, especially in a GDPR world. The PAM that we send out is…

  • Highly targeted and precise
  • Able to drive commercial action (e.g., purchasing or going online)
  • Kept and revisited
  • Highly engaging for a range of ages

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