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RNB Group provide programmatic mail services to help you leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Programmatic Mail Services

Using programmatic mail, we can automatically generate, print, and send out a piece of direct mail to a potential customer, based on their action on your website.

Normally, this mailing action is triggered when a customer abandons their shopping basket. The letter or postcard that we send can be populated with highly targeted information, including images of the items they intended to buy, their details, and an offer to nudge them over the line.

Once we have created the programmatic mail journeys for your business, it becomes as easy and automated as sending out emails. This is a highly effective way of leaving a lasting impression on your customers without needing to worry about ad blockers, GDPR (as the customer must give you contact permissions first), or irritating user experiences.

Programmatic Mail vs. Email

Whilst the typical response to an abandoned shopping basket is to email your customer with an offer to tempt them back, most of us are bombarded with marketing emails every day, and yours could easily get lost amongst them or deleted in seconds.

Through our programmatic mail services, you can physically put your message in the hands of your customer. Just imagine: a customer browses your website, and, for whatever reason, they abandon checkout; within as little as 24 hours, they could be holding a personal discount code with a picture of the items they so very nearly purchased.

We think you’ll agree that this is a more enticing communication than the classic email. It’s a fantastic way of making your customer feel valued and means that they are much more likely to respond.

How does it work?

This is how our programmatic mail services work…

Step 1 – A customer visits your company’s website and almost completes a purchase.

Step 2 – The customer’s action triggers an immediate programmatic mail response.

Step 3 – As your programmatic mail partner, we print and mail out a pre-designed, bespoke, personal communication to that customer.

Step 4 – The mail item arrives, often in under 24 hours, but generally within 48 hours.

Step 5 – The arrival of the mail piece prompts reconsideration by the customer, and the personalised offer is too good to miss.

Digital printing allows us to deliver a quick, personalised turnaround, reaching your customer whilst the incomplete transaction is still fresh in their mind.

Why choose us?

If you choose RNB group to help entice customers back to your website, you will receive programmatic mail services that are…

  • Fast – Have a highly impactful direct mail piece in your customer’s hands within 24 to 48 hours
  • More likely to drive returns – Campaigns with mail have a higher return on investment than those without
  • Personal, building on existing relationships – Make recipients feel more valued and more likely to respond
  • Relevant – Our mail is always relevant to its recipients because we know they’ve already shown interest in its content
  • Data driven – We can easily build and test data models that help you identify which online behaviours are the most powerful programmatic triggers for your business (e.g., abandoned carts, session duration on specific pages, visit frequency, pattern of pages visited, etc.)

Speak to the experts

Are you ready to try programmatic mail for your business?

Ask yourself: are you losing customers at critical stages in the buyer journey? Are your response rates lower than you’d like? What could you offer your customers, at the vital stages of the purchase journey, that would make them more likely to see it through?

Get in touch and we can work with you to identify your key opportunities and build a test schedule to see the difference that programmatic mail could make to your business.

Simply fill in the contact form, email [email protected], or call 01132 100 055 to speak to an expert.

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