Once your mailing items are printed and ready to enclose, our Machine and Hand enclosing teams will produce your completed mailing packs with great efficiency.



Machine Enclosing

The fastest way to enclose bulk mailing items, our machines have additional technology to aid the production process. 

Mailing Integrity

Using our camera system, a small barcode on your letters is read into the system and confirms that item should be enclosed into the envelope and marks it as complete.  This allows us to keep track of any spoils so they can be reproduced and re-inserted into the mailsort for 100% mailings. 

Variable number of pages

By reading a small barcode on each page, we can enclose a variable number of pages into each envelope.  For example, on a statement run you may have some customers with 1, 2 or 3+ pages -the barcode is read and the system makes sure all pages are enclosed into the envelope for that record.  We can also combine this with a mixed weight mailsort to achieve maximum postage discount. 

Camera Matching

If you have 2 or 3 items requiring a match, such as a non-window addressed envelope, letter and donation form – we can use our camera system to read a small OCR code on each item to ensure all items for that record are correctly inserted into the envelope. 

Hand Enclosing

Our hand enclosing team are here for all jobs that are not suitable for enclosing by machine.  You may require documents to be enclosed into a folder, business cards or plastic cards applying with glue or use peal & seal envelopes.  All this and more is possible thanks to our dedicated staff.

For ongoing daily work, we employ and assign people to specific teams to work on your project to ensure a dedicate number of people are fully ware and responsible for your important items.

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