Operational Mail

We offer a full operational mail solution, handling both outbound and inbound post.

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Outsourcing your mailroom will save you time and money, reduce your carbon footprint, and ensure you remain GDPR-compliant.

We offer the complete operational mail solution, providing both outbound mail services and inbound response handling for business operational mail and mail order response. Plus, we support the Not for Profit sector with all aspects of charity response handling, from surveys to donation forms. Our inbound mail team can scan your returned mail, extract data and capture a response to upload to your CRM. We can manage a myriad of supporter interactions securely through our high-tech, ISO-approved processes and systems. We also provide complete reporting either daily via email or through month-end management information reports.

We have access to fantastic postal rates as we mail over 15 million items each year. We save upwards of 30% compared to printing and franked post, and it’s much cheaper than our Account Managed services for this type of mail. There are no set-up fees, and you can get going straight away! Our online dashboard is FREE to access.

Outbound Operational Post

Known to some in the industry as Hybrid Mail

Using our systems and printing machinery on-site at RNB Group, we can automate daily outbound operational mail through a cloud-based online self-serve dashboard. With our Intelliprint dashboard, we can automate the entire outbound operational mail process. It’s suitable for statement mailings, PAYE slips and dental appointment reminders. Plus, it auto-filters goneaways, saving you more money.

Perhaps you’re a charity – do you take the time to say “Thank you” to your supporters? If you do, this is a cost-effective way to acknowledge your supporters’ donations. We can print and post your Gift Aid and Thank You mailings the same day, so long as they are uploaded before 3pm.

We have access to fantastic postal rates as we mail over 15 million items each year. We save upwards of 30% compared to printing and franking post in-house. There are no set-up fees. Our online dashboard is FREE to access straight away. We can print a letter, supply an envelope, and post it for only 49p.

Inbound Post

We can handle Letters of Authority, Surveys, signed Terms and Conditions and Charity Response Donations, and we can also bank cheques and validate donation forms for Gift Aid.

After seeing the resurgence of Direct Mail, to assist Charities, we now offer a full outbound and inbound post solution. We can support all aspects of response handling. If you are embarking on a warm regular giving campaign, or maybe looking at print acquisition again through Partially Addressed Mail or door drops, we can make inbound and outbound mail work in unison.

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Digital Secure Scanning

RNB Group offer a simple, secure digital scanning solution to help save time, space and money. 

Our scanning team handles responses for leading financial businesses, charities, legal teams and more. Having your mail scanned and uploaded by RNB Group frees up your staff members from opening and actioning post themselves, and makes the whole process more efficient.

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