Clean, optimised data is essential to deliver a good ROI in Direct Mail.

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Data, Data, Data

We place data security at the very core of our operation. As an ISO 27001 certified company, we are proud to lead the industry when it comes to compliance with the accreditations, memberships, standards and licences that we hold.

By operating smarter, we can delight our clients daily.

We offer a FREE Data Health Check on EVERY mailing.

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Data Processing

We know how much time, money and effort is wasted when direct mail is sent out incorrectly to people who have moved address or, sadly, passed away. After the extensive preparations for GDPR, almost two years later, new DMA research shows a third of companies have found the regulations beneficial.

Our award-winning in-house data team work with complicated data briefs daily, skillfully managing lookup tables, cross-file matching and much more. To get your files to us securely, we can provide an SFTP folder or API integration.

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What are Geo-Demographic Profiling & Mapping Services?

Geo-mapping lets you take raw data and turn it into a map. Viewing the data in this context allows you to decide on the data that could otherwise take hours to comb through and interpret. Using this methodology, we enable you to build a highly targeted mailing address file.

Why use geo-mapping for Direct Mail?

Well, we are pleased you asked this question. It is a dynamic way of customising a piece of DM to drive engagement. For example, for a car showroom, you can show a dealership location on a map and how far away it might be from the recipient’s home address.

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Data List Management

Do you want to try Direct Mail for the first time but have no data? We can procure B2C and B2B data files to test out a Direct Mail campaign from a starting cost of £100.

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