Outbound Mail

If you have client packs to send out as part of your daily operations, we can set up daily file transfer to our mailing system via SFTP, API or any other transfer method of your choice.

Outbound Mail

We can handle PDFs as one offs or in bulk, hold a template and receive a daily data file or API directly into your CRM to retrieve your documents.

Outsourcing your mail packs saves time and money, allowing you to quickly be able to scale up or down in your daily volumes with no impact on your business from having to hire/let staff go.

Many mailrooms buy materials poorly, are expensive to run and inefficient. Imagine not having to pay for staff wages, holiday cover, printer leases, franking machine leases, ribbons and postage top-ups.

Let us review how you’re currently getting your mail in the post and make suggestions on how you can save money and better manage your mail production.

Talk to us today on 0113 2100 055 to see how much you could save.


Outbound Mail Services

If your business is sending a daily quantity of mail you can save money by outsourcing this part of your operation to us. Employing post room staff and leasing/purchasing equipment gets expensive pretty quickly and the only way to scale up is to employ more staff and acquire more equipment


Let’s be frank

If you’re using a franking machine, you’re paying too much for postage. RNB Group mails hundreds of thousands of letters per day and benefits from cheaper postage rates as a result.


Get more efficient and more profitable

Outsourcing your daily mail to RNB Group will free up your staff up to do their day job; instead of inefficiently stuffing envelopes, they can be on the phone winning more business and generating more profit.


Fully scalable

We can staff up to suit your needs and our printing and enclosing capacity means we can always fulfil your daily mail volume.

How does the Outbound Mail Process work?

Outbound Mail Step 1STEP 1 > RETRIEVAL 

We retrieve your data or documents via SFTP transfer or a direct API link to your CRM software. Confirmation reports are sent via email.

Outbound Mail Step 2STEP 2 > PROCESS

Your documents are processed through our automation software and prepared for printing according to your specified requirements.

Outbound Mail Step 3STEP 3 > PRINTING

The documents are printed onto plain paper or by intelligently selecting the correct pre-printed stationery such as letterheads or forms.

Outbound Mail Step 4STEP 4 > DISPATCH

The documents are enclosed and quality checked, then dispatched via the appropriate postal provider.

Outbound Mail Step 5STEP 5 > REPORTING

Daily, weekly and monthly reports can be generated to keep track of your stock and spend. The reports are tailored to your exact requirements.

Mail Packs

We’re used to producing cover letters, Letters of Authority (LOAs), Terms and Conditions and other forms to enclose with a reply envelope and mail out 1st or 2nd class.  Data and/or documents can be transferred to us via SFTP or API for us to produce and mail out same day or next day depending on your requirements


Daily Correspondence

We can set up a custom workflow for handling your general correspondence or give you access to our hybrid mail platform, <Intelliprint> so you can send general letters straight away in our fully auditable and easy to use online portal.


CRM Integration

We can integrate with your CRM via API or transfer files in and out via SFTP, updating statuses and attaching scanned documents.  Our development team can hard code anything you require.