RNB Group provide a secure and efficient mailroom scanning solution. The inbound responses we handle range from Letters of Authority to Surveys, signed Terms and Conditions and Charity Response Donations. We can also bank cheques and validate donation forms for Gift Aid.

We can support all aspects of response handling. If you are a Financial Services company requiring scanning of documents or a Charity embarking on a warm regular giving campaign, or maybe looking at print acquisition again through Partially Addressed Mail or door drops, we can make inbound and outbound mail work in unison.


We can manage your response mail by redirecting your Business Reply or Freepost envelopes to our PO Box address. We will open and sort your mail, scan the content and upload the scanned images or PDFs back to you via SFTP or API in order to update your CRM software.

Outsourcing your inbound mail to us allows for full scalability and means you do not have to be concerned with the difficulties of spikes in demand or a downturn.

Our bespoke in-house OCR and data capture software can extract data from the scans and use this to perform further tasks such as new letter generation, customer record updates and data analysis.

This service takes away the burden of dealing with your daily post and allows you to scale up your activity without increasing your staff levels. Our customers generally see an uplift in the volume of business they receive after outsourcing their inbound mail management to us as staff can focus on their job, rather than getting involved in mail opening and processing.


We receive your business reply or freepost return to our PO Box address. We will open the mail and prepare for sorting.


Your documents are processed to predefined rules that we’ll agree with you prior to going live. This allows us to treat the documents as if you’d handled them yourself as we follow your exact requirements.


The pages are scanned using our high-speed scanners and processed through our bespoke software to sort and name the documents. OCR data extraction is performed at this stage if applicable.


The final files are uploaded to SFTP or transferred into your CRM software via API. An index file can be created to confirm the files have been uploaded. An email can be set to inform the relevant members of your team that the transfer is complete.


The original documents can be returned to you for archiving or can be securely shredded after an agreed period of time.

Why choose us?

With RNB Group, you can have peace of mind that your documents are safe with us because we hold ISO 9001 systems and ISO 27001 data security certifications. Our secure scanning services allow you to:

  • Improve internal processes and GDPR compliance
  • Save space on document storage
  • Access online records remotely
  • Improve the efficiency of your mail handling process
  • Free up time to use in other areas of your business
  • Make cost savings on staff, equipment and office space