Save time and money by outsourcing your mailroom.

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Outsourcing you mail room to RNB Group will help you make significant savings.

Outbound Operational Services

Employing mailroom staff and leasing or purchasing equipment can get expensive quite quickly, and it might seem like the only way to scale up is to employ more staff and acquire more equipment. However, by outsourcing your mailroom to RNB Group, you can scale up or down in your daily volumes without the need for staffing changes and ongoing equipment costs.

As a reputable outsourced mailroom, RNB Group have put systems in place to avoid issues such as items going missing or being delivered to the wrong address, using our fully GDPR compliant hardware and software. We ensure that your mail packs are always shipped accurately and to your timescales, providing a positive customer experience.

If we’re managing your outbound mail, we may be able to manage your inbound mail too, so any returned correspondence can be processed quickly. Our barcoding system allows us to easily scan your inbound mail, identify the client, and upload the data back to you via SFTP, API, or any other transfer method you may wish to use.

The Costs of Mailrooms

Many mailrooms buy materials poorly, are expensive to run, and operate inefficiently. On average, we save our customers over 30% versus operating an in-house mailroom.

If you send daily or regular mail via Royal Mail Account or a franking machine, we think you’re paying too much. With RNB Group, not only will you save on postage, but all these other factors too:

  • Franking machine rental and contract costs – Franking machine contracts can tie you in for up to 5 years and you’re leasing the machine just for the purpose of getting your mail in the post. This is an added cost on top of the cost of postage itself.
  • The cost of consumables – Franking machines require a certain type of ink cartridge which add to the cost of getting your mail in the post.
  • Service, repairs, and breakdowns – Rented office machinery is often unreliable and, when there’s a breakdown, it could result in important mail being delayed.
  • Office space – The machinery and consumables you need for sending your mailings internally takes up valuable office space.
  • Labour and production – The same staff involved in printing and mailing your packs could be utilised elsewhere in the business, or not required at all.
  • Envelopes and Paper – The cost of envelopes and paper purchased in smaller quantities makes them expensive. You also have to store these items ready for use.

Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to pay for staff wages, holiday cover, printer leases, franking machine leases, ribbons, and postage top-ups? Outsourcing your mailroom to RNB Group removes the requirement for these overheads.

Environmental Focus

With our outbound operational post services, your mail will be stored and processed more efficiently than it might be currently. Moreover, any paper waste can be securely shredded and recycled.

RNB Group are proud to contribute to Woodland Carbon, a unique scheme organised by the Woodland Trust, which helps companies in the UK to reduce their carbon footprint.

We do this by planting trees to lock up carbon emissions. For every tonne of paper we order, we contribute to the Woodland Trust to offset the carbon. This contribution goes towards the replanting of trees on land acquired for this purpose.

By centralising your mailroom at RNB Group, you will be able to do away with your daily mail collection.  Thousands of companies have done this – taking thousands of vans off the road each day, with collection only required from our headquarters instead of each individual customer business address.

Why choose us?

Our inbound and outbound operational post services can benefit your business in various ways. You should outsource your mailroom to RNB Group because it allows you to…

  • Scale up or down with ease
  • Improve the customer experience
  • Save money
  • Send mail from anywhere and at any time
  • Free up office space
  • Make your operations eco-friendly
  • Centralise reporting