What would make you open mail marketing?

In a recent social media competition we asked you, “what would make you open mail marketing?”

And you didn’t let us down! We received 128 fantastic entries across our Facebook and Twitter pages.

We noticed some common themes from the entries received, so we thought we’d share a snapshot of these as well as some of our favourite entries in the infographic below.


Many of you suggested personalisation would be a big reason for opening mail marketing, including Lynn who said,

“Personalisation! I rarely receive mail these days now that banking and bills etc. are all online, but I do love to open letters! If it looked as though it was meant for me and eye catching, I’d be in there”.

We couldn’t agree more.

Adding a personal touch to a mail campaign is a great way to make an instant connection with the recipient. A name and address are great for starters but you can also go as far as tailoring by interest, location and buying history, depending on the data you hold and what you’re able to use with GDPR.


Another popular reason for opening mail marketing was if it was incentivised. Many said the promise of exclusive vouchers, discounts, competitions or freebies would entice them to open their mail.

Using the envelope to hint at what’s inside is a great way to cause intrigue.

A freebie that can add bulk to a mailer such as a pen is a sure fire way to capture someone’s interest, as they wonder what’s inside. Plus, everybody loves a freebie, right?

How it looks

How it looks was another big factor for opening mail marketing, especially for Julie who said, “I open all mail marketing post but I open those with bright colours on the envelope first”.

If a mailer was visually appealing, colourful, in a nice envelope, bright and just generally eye-catching, that would provide good reason to open.


Take a look at some of our favourite reasons to open mail marketing…


 We were really impressed with the useful information we collected through this competition.

A big thank you to everyone who took the time to enter.

For more useful tips on mail marketing, take a look at our direct mail marketing best practices.

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