We put MultiLoft paper to the test and the results are amazing

What’s MultiLoft paper?

We recently got our hands on some MultiLoft paper and we couldn’t wait to show you it in action.

We put the printed paper through our trimming machine so you can see exactly how the clever cohesive glue technology works.

But first, let’s fill you in on MultiLoft paper and its countless uses.

MultiLoft paper can best be described as sandwich paper for digital printing, thanks to its clever layering properties which allow you to add a flash of colour around the edge, that’s right, the edge of your print job.

But it doesn’t stop there. There are countless possibilities when it comes to the application of MultiLoft.

It can be embossed, debossed and foil blocked which combined with a multilayer of inserts, helps to create a printed piece with a bigger impact.

MultiLoft adds that extra dimension to your print and provides real standout-ability.

It’s ultra-thick quality makes it ideal for business cards, wedding announcements, event invitations, greeting cards and much more. There’s even the option of a magnetic backing should you wish to create something that sticks around.

How does MultiLoft work?

MultiLoft paper uses a cohesive glue technology. The front of a sheet has a printable surface, the back has a cohesive glue.

Once the sheet has been digitally printed, the front and back sheets are assembled back to back. The pressure of the trimming clamp seals the sheets together to create an impressive 480gsm, 540gsm or 570gsm card, depending on your choice of Multiloft paper.

And that’s even before you factor in the inserts, which come in a whole range of attractive colours. These inserts have cohesive glue on either side and layer in-between your two printed sheets.

You can choose to add in 1, 2, 3 even 4 sheets to create a card as thick as you like.

Once assembled the sheets can be trimmed down to size or even die cut into a uniquely shaped card. No matter what shape or size you trim the card down to, you’ll always have the insert visible at the edge.

We’re so impressed by the finished result. Tale a look for yourself in our video below…

Interested in MultiLoft?

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