The impact of Direct Mail during coronavirus outbreak

This week we came across an article by PrintWeek we think you’ll find interesting. It highlights the various opportunities for direct mail amid the coronavirus outbreak.

The main takeaway was that direct mail is going to be more impactful than ever before with the majority of us now at home.

Many direct mail specialists believe that with substantially more people at home than usual currently, it is likely that engagement with mail will increase even more during this period.

Findings from a recent JICmail survey revealed, “The average business mail item is seen by 1.16 people per household. So for every one million business mail items sent, an additional 160,000 people in the household see that mail item. Furthermore, each business mail item is interacted with 4.64 times, with actions including opening, reading, and putting the mail piece on display, and passing it on to other people in the household.”

Within the PrintWeek article, Webmart chief executive and founder Simon Biltcliffe shares his thoughts on the current situation.

Businesses are using Direct Mail “just simply to say that ‘we’re here and we can serve you at home, you may not have used our home service before but it’s here waiting for you’.”

“[Direct mail] will certainly have more attention now from people than it’s ever had in the past. People are at home and if something comes through their letterbox, they will look at it. Print will be a really strong medium for people to build their brand and build their awareness.

“If they can serve people in their houses, that’s fantastic, and even if they can’t, they can build their brand so that when normality does come back, in however many months that may be, then they’ve taken the offensive.”

The government is even turning to direct mail this week as Boris Johnson sends out a mailshot to 30 million UK households, urging people to stay at home to fight the spread of the virus.

One industry source said: “What this really shows is that if you want to drive a message home there are few better ways than direct mail. Social media and TV messages flash up but are gone in an instant and easily forgotten.”

We’re here to support you with those opportunities to reach customers at home with direct mail.

Not only that, we have various other services available that may be of use to you during this period:

  • Direct mail
  • Regular print
  • Transactional (Hybrid) mail
  • Scanning and inbound mail

Get in touch with us today, we’d love to help.

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