Surprise your customers with a Double Thick Reveal Card

We’re always on the lookout for new and innovative mailing products we can offer to our customers. This double thick reveal card is no exception.

With a unique removable front panel this mailer provides a fun and interactive way to…

  • Make announcements
  • Send an invite
  • Produce vouchers
  • Advertise promotions
  • Share pictures

…and so much more. 

Each sheet has a cohesive layer on the reverse and a perforation through the centre.

When folded at the perf and trimmed, each sheet is sealed allowing a die cut window to be easily opened revealing the message.

At twice the thickness of a typical thick postcard, the Double Thick Reveal Card will catch the attention of your customers and prospects and can dramatically increase response rates.

It also wins the prize for the most satisfying noise! (volume up!) 

Impress your customers and prospects by introducing interactive formats like this into your mail marketing plans.

let’s talk about how we can integrate the Double Thick Reveal Card into your marketing plans

If you’d like to find out more about the Double Thick Reveal Card get in touch with us today

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