How mail plays a key role throughout the customer journey

Royal Mail’s recent ‘Mail Matters More Than Ever’ guide, is packed with insights that demonstrate how mail can play a key role at all stages of the customer journey.

Of course, every media channel has its place in the customer journey and its own key role to play. TV, for instance, drives mass brand awareness, email is great for quick updates, while social media is good for further engagement.

And mail should be strategically integrated into the customer journey, working alongside other channels to deliver maximum value.

Here are the various roles of mail in the customer journey

Mails role in the customer journey

Mail builds awareness

Mail gets your brand physically into people’s hands.

Consumers who saw mail first had 30% more dwell time on social media.

Mails role in the customer journey

Mail leads to consideration

If you want to inspire action you need to get noticed. Mail cuts through and is remembered. 

87% of people consider mail to be believable, compared to 48% for email.

Mails role in the customer journey

Order, book or buy thanks to mail

People browse and buy from mail, making it ideal for driving conversion.

25% buy something as a result of receiving mail in the past 12 months.

Mails role in the customer journey

Mail is a warm welcome

A warm welcome is an important step in keeping customers satisfied. Mail makes people feel special.

70% have a better impression of a company after receiving mail (vs email).

Mails role in the customer journey

Mail stays in the home

Mail is especially powerful at building relationships post-purchase. It can help keep your brand front of mind.

75% of Business Mail stays in the home for over four weeks and is revisited an average of five times.

Mails role in the customer journey

Mail helps grow the value of your customers

Growing the value of your customers takes time and care. MAil helps to influence the decision to spend more.

31% of addressed mail resulted in a commercial action.

Mails role in the customer journey

Mail presents a great opportunity to cross-sell

People open, sit down and read mail. So it’s great for showing them more products or services.

63% find it easier to browse a printed catalogue rather than going online or in-store.

Mails role in the customer journey

Spread the word. Mail is shared

Mail promotes advocacy because it gets passed on, shared, and talked about.

16% of mail is shared with another person.

Mails role in the customer journey

Mail makes customers feel valued

Happy customers are loyal customers. Mail makes your customers feel valued and valued customers are more likely to stay. 

70% of consumers say mail makes them feel valued as a customer. 

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