7 reasons to outsource your mailroom

Given the current climate, there’s never been a better time to consider outsourcing your mailroom.

If your business currently handles its own inbound and/or outbound mail we think you should seriously consider making that switch to a mailroom provider (like ourselves!)

Not convinced yet?


Here are 7 reasons why you should outsource your mailroom

1) Scale up or down with ease

Employing mail room staff and leasing/purchasing equipment gets expensive pretty quickly and the only way to scale up is to employ more staff and acquire more equipment.

By outsourcing your mailroom you eradicate any concerns around having to quickly adapt.

A mail provider will allow you to scale up or down in your daily volumes with no impact on your business from having to hire or let staff go.

2) Improve the customer experience

The mail journey might not be as smooth as it could be, with items potentially going missing, deliveries made to the wrong address, a slow service etc. This can all have an impact on the customer experience.

A reputable outsourced mailroom should have the necessary systems in place to ensure your mail packs are always shipped accurately and to your timescales. They may also be able to manage your inbound mail too so any returned correspondence can be processed quickly.

Good to know! If we’re managing your outbound mail, our barcoding system allows us to easily scan your inbound mail, identify the client and upload the data back to you via SFTP, API or any other transfer method you may wish to use.

3) Save money

Many mailrooms buy materials poorly, are expensive to run and inefficient.

Just imagine not having to pay for staff wages, holiday cover, printer leases, franking machine leases, ribbons and postage top-ups to name just a few associated costs.

By outsourcing you instantly remove these overheads.

4) Better than franking

If you send daily or regular mail using Royal Mail franking costs, we think you’re paying too much.

Not only will you save on postage, but all these other factors too:

  • Franking machine rental and contract costs – Franking machine contracts can tie you in for up to 5 years
  • The cost of consumables – Franking machines require a certain type of ink cartridge which typically cost up to 10x more than inkjet cartridges
  • Service, repairs and breakdowns – Rented office machinery is often unreliable and when there’s a breakdown it could result in important mail being delayed
  • Office space – How much valuable space is being taken up by the machinery and consumables you need for sending your mailings internally?
  • Labour and production – Have a think about how many members of staff are involved to print and mail your packs. Could you be utilising the same staff elsewhere in the business?

5) Ideal for remote working

We’ve all had to adapt to new ways of working over the past year. Working from home has become the new normal for many employees so traveling to work just to use the mailroom may not be the most cost and time-effective option.

We have robust procedures in place to ensure our mailroom services are always available and easily accessible to our customers, no matter where they are working from.

If you have client packs to send out as part of your daily operations, we can set up a daily file transfer to our mailing system via SFTP, API, or any other transfer method of your choice.

Alternatively, our Intelliprint service allows you to easily upload letters to be printed and posted, via our online dashboard.

Your staff can work safely from home and your mail can still leave the door.

6) No physical mailroom required

You’ll not only save money but office space too. Think about the office space you utilise now for your mail operations. You’ll instantly free up that space by choosing a mailroom service.

7) Environmentally friendly

By outsourcing your mail, it will be stored and processed more efficiently than it might be currently. Moreover, any paper waste can be securely shredded and recycled.

We’re also proud to contribute to Woodland Carbon, a unique scheme organised by the Woodland Trust, which helps companies in the UK to reduce their carbon footprint.

We do this through planting trees to lock up carbon emissions. For every tonne of paper we order, we pay the Woodland Trust £8.50. This contribution goes towards the replanting of trees on land acquired for this purpose.

Mailroom Outsourcing Services

Whether you need help with your inbound mail, outbound mail or both, we’ve got you covered. We also offer hybrid mail which is proving very popular with home workers who still need to get important mail out to their customers.

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