At RNB Group we provide a knowledgeable and professional mailing service to Car Manufacturers and Dealerships.



Having worked with the automotive industry for over 15 years, we’re very efficient at producing VIP mailers, event invites, service appointment letters and special offer postcards.

We’re used to working to tight deadlines and our litho and digital print teams work 24 hours a day, Monday to Friday to ensure we can get your mailing campaigns produced and sent out on time.

Reasons Car Manufacturers and Dealerships use Direct Mail

New car launch – the launch of a new car is the ideal opportunity to reach out to your audience. Why not send a high quality flyer or brochure pack to showcase your latest arrivals.
Service notifications – a friendly reminder to book in your car for its upcoming service.
Regulatory changes – changing regulations for car manufacturers and dealerships often need communicating to customers. Car manufacturers may have to send out urgent recalls and safety advice to car owners which is vital for car safety.
B2B updates – Car dealerships may wish to send regular B2B newsletters and brochures to fleet car managers and businesses about offers and new vehicle designs or models to encourage them to upgrade their business fleet.
Market to existing customers – Car dealerships typically choose to send mailshots to promote test drive days, competitions, special events to name a few.

We’ll help you make the most of your mailing list and get those important updates and new offers out to your customer base.